• Landgreven
  • Borgergade
  • Adelgade

Landgreven P-hus

Open everyday 00:00 - 24:00 170 p-spots

Landgreven 10, 1301 København K Height: 2.15 meters

Borgergade P-hus

Open everyday 00:00 - 24:00 170 p-spots

Borgergade 13, 1300 København Height: 1.9 meters

Adelgade P-hus

Open everyday 00:00 - 24:00 170 p-spots

Adelgade 11-13, 1608 København Height: 2.2 meters

Select a package


All day 00.00-24.00

DKK 3.625,- pr. md.

24/7 VIP

All day 00.00-24.00

DKK 7.500,- pr. md.

24/7 E-vehicle

All day 00.00-24.00

DKK 3.950,- pr. md.

Nights + weekends

Between 16.00-09.00

DKK 559, - pr. md.

Why choose our carparks?

Central location

We are located right in the city center of Copenhagen, within short walking distance to most tourist spots, making this a perfect spot to park if you want to enjoy the city.

Convenient payment

When you enter one of our locations, your license plate is automatically registered, so you can pay with your preferred parking app or at one of our payment machines.

Car wash

At our location on Landgreven you can get your car washed. Parking is included one hour before and after, so you have time to visit nearby shops and restaurant, while we care for your car.


All our locations are equipped with cameras, so you can feel safe leaving your car parked with us.

How it works

We use a camera parking solution so that all you have to do is drive in and out!

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Automatic check-in & out

If you use automatic check-in & check-out you don’t have to do anything upon entry and exit. Our cameras register your license plate automatically. Set this up by using the EasyPark app.

How to pay for your parking?

Mobile payment

Use EasyPark to manage and pay for your parking using your phone.​

Payment machine

You can pay at one of payment machines available by the exit. Enter your license plate and follow the instructions on the screen.

Monthly subscriptions

Get a monthly subscription that fits your needs, and park freely within the limits of your plan.​